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The grape (Vitis vinifera) cultivar ‘Camay Teinturier Freaux’ originates from the Burgundy region of France and is characterized by its red flesh and juice due to the extremely high anthocyanin content. Whilst anthocyanins are powerful antioxidants and free radical scavengers, the high level of tannins also gives an undesirable taste to wines. This has therefore resulted in the variety almost completely disappearing.

PhytoCellTec’ Solar Vitis is based on stem cells that are derived from a rare grape cultivar with high tannin levels. Combining effectively with UV filters, PhytoCellTec’ Solar Vitis gives additional protection against UV radiation. Despite the use of sun protection filters, toxins and free radicals are generated by UV in the skin which, in particular. harms the precious stem cells. PhytoCellTec’ Solar Vitis counters this by both protecting and maintaining the activity of those epidermal stem cells — even in cases of stress induced by UV.

Proven Efficacy:

  • Increase of the colony-forming efficiency
  • Protection of epidermal stem cells against UV stress
  • Increase of UV tolerance
  • Protects skin stem cells against UV stress
  • Increases the skin’s UV tolerance
  • Fights photo-aging
  • For a vital and healthy-looking skin